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Welcome and Get ready to stamp your feet on your favourite rhythm with professional moves, as you can now easily grab quality dance classes of the best dance academy in North east India at Trinant Dance Academy (TDA).

Since 2009, TDA has earned the reputation of a beacon of excellence in dance education in the North East India dance community.

TDA is renowned for its unparalleled faculty members who follows international curriculum and offers a diverse array of dance disciplines in a highly secured and conducive learning environment.

Whether you’re a beginner or an established professional, we have the class for you.


The philosophy of dance education at Trinant Dance Academy is to cultivate a well-rounded dancer who will know how to dance with joy, passion, and have respect for technique and history.


To provide a professional ambience where every talent is nurtured and developed to the fullest with international standards and explore the diversity of the dance world through learning various dance styles, techniques, and genres.


A) Providing affordable, high quality studios and performance spaces for artists to create and perform in a comfortable and friendly environment.

B) To inspire people to use the art of dance as a tool for education.

C) To develop outstanding and charismatic dancers, choreographers and instructors in their respective field of art and who also contribute to the well being of art and culture to the society.

D) Offering people of Northeast India the opportunity to learn dance from the best faculties from national and international areas of dance in their home atmosphere without leaving the state itself.


• Dance classes follows internationally approved syllabus.
• Provides dance lessons on a variety of dance forms by different instructors specialized in each dance form.
• Consistent quality of services in a purpose of satisfying the dancer’s need.
• National and International visiting faculty who create syllabus and provide instruction and mentoring.
• Encourage student to implement and show their talent.
• Prioritize on class size so that each student receives individual attention in the class.
• Organizes Parent Teacher Meet (PTM) where parents are free to discuss their child’s progress with the instructor.
• Convenient location

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Founder and Artistic Director

Bhabesh Mahanta is the brain behind Trinant Dance Academy. He lives and breathes dance and has had the courage and conviction to follow his dreams. B-besh is a perfectionist, laying great emphasis on technique and also on attitude and interpretation of the music.
He is trained extensively in Indian and Western dance disciplines,both with international & national faculties.

Specialization :

Jazz, Contemporary, Salsa, Hip-hop, Bollywood, Yoga